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This is Skeeter. A eleven year old Marmoset Monkey. He is the LOVE of our lives and a joy to have in our home. Everything on these pages are used and recommended by Skeeter himself.
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Marmoset Facts:

Marmosets and Tamarins are New Worlds Monkeys. New World Monkeys live in tropical forests of southern Mexico, Central, and South America. They are divided into two main family groups. 

The first group, Callithricidae consist of marmosets and tamarins—both monkeys with claws. The second larger group, Cebidae, has four subfamilies: Cebinae – squirrel and capuchin monkey; Actinae – douroucouli (night or owl) and titi monkey; Atelinae – howler and spider monkey; Pithecinae – uakari and saki. These latter monkeys have nails, not claws. New World Monkeys have flat noses. 

Tamarins and marmoset often give birth to twins, and sometimes triplets. Also, it’s the dad who carries the babies around, not the mother. These monkeys eat tree sap. They range in weight from only 3 to 5 ounces to 2 pounds. 

Fun New World Monkey Facts 

- Douroucouli (night monkeys) are the only ones who are nocturnal. 

- Marmosets and tamarins don’t have prehensile tails. 

- Capuchins rub their fur with crushed millipedes as a mosquito repellant! 

- New World Monkeys live in trees; the term is arboreal. 

- The biggest threat to New World Monkeys is loss of habitat. Buying brazil nuts, which can only be harvested in healthy rain forests, helps encourage maintenance of their habitat. 

- A group of monkeys is a “troop.” 

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This little girl is available now for her new forever home. She's had her vet exam, healthy and active will be 5 weeks on Wednesday. Please, No one with young kids or Banned States.
She is super pretty and so chill, loves riding on your head.
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