"> Marmoset
White Tuft (Commons), Pensulata (Black Tuft), & Hybrids :  
Geoffrey Marmosets : $3500.00 Geoffrey Hybrids 
Red Hand Tamarins : $3500.00  :  Cotton Top Tamarins : $3500.00
 Owl Monkeys $6500-$7000
Capuchins : Tufted Males $6500.00 Females $7000.00
                    Black & White Male $8000.00 Female $8500.00 
Kinkajous $2000
     The season is here and we have 
     several babies available for new 
     forever homes. E-mail or Call us for       
     Information on available babies (954)-529-8144
White Tuft Common Marmoset - CALL
Red Handed Tamarins $3500.00
Cotton Top Tamarins $3500.00
Pensulata  (Black Tuft) - CALL

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Tiny Monkey Business    Breeder :Chris DeMango
Raising healthy, happy, well adjusted non-human primates for 20+ years. 
USDA Certified, Licensed and Inspected.
Specializing in Marmosets, Tamarins & Capuchins.
Information on available babies (954)-529-8144

Owl Monkey  $6500 - $7000
Baby monkeys for sale. Our facility is USDA and FWC licensed and has over 20 years of experience. We are a wonderful facility on a spacious ranch in South Florida where primates live in great enclosures among stunning tropical vegetation being fed the best quality diets possible. All babies are seen by a vet with primate experience, and include a health certificate, USDA paperwork, and what you need to get started with. 
All levels of guidance in raising your baby will be provided through your ownership of this companion animal.

Babies available being hand fed:

For more information on available babies contact                           Chris at (954) 529-8144 or 
email at sonofadolphin@bellsouth.net
Located in Davie, FL.

Kinkajous $2000