Everything your Marmoset or Tamarin baby needs to go home with it's new Mommy & Daddy.

Marmoset/Tamarin infant formula - Do NOT use regular human infant formula. It is to high in iron and babies can develop hemochromatosis (iron overload, liver failure).

Marmoset Powder Diet (Callitrichid Diet) - Part of formula mixture (Your marmoset/tamarin will eat this for the rest of it's life)

Natural grain cereal (Whole Single Grain) - Part of formula mixture

Yogurt - Part of formula mixture. Use different flavors so your baby does not get picky and only eat one kind.

Nutristat or Nutrical – High calorie vitamin supplement

Mercury light - Marmosets and Tamarins 
CAN NOT metabolize calcium D3 and need the special lighting to grow or they will not survive.

Hand feeding kit - nursing kit

Bottle Nurser 2 oz.

Belly chain - Training leash and used from infant to adult. Keeps your marmoset/tamarin safe and close on outings or when visiting. Also helps to teach boundaries.

Hammocks, Cuddle Cup, Blankets, Bedding  
Bedding to snuggle under and in. 

Bath Wash - Hypoallergenic & Tearless
Eliminate odors and leave them smelling fresh. Tearless bath cleans, conditions, and deodorizes.                     

Clean Wipes - Great for face, hands and tiny bottoms. Perfect to maintain clean and santiary bottoms between diaperings. 

Heating pad - Baby Marmosets and Tamarins CAN NOT thermo regulate their body temp. Only put the heating pad under half of cage so he can get away if he becomes to warm.

Starter Cage - Something for the baby that is not to tall until it becomes more stable and does not fall.

Stuffed Animal – to cling to for comfort

Marmoset/Tamarin Infant Powder Formula (Just add water)
Milk based with Lipids, Protein, Fat, Carbohydrates, Vitamins A, C, D, E, K, B1, B2, B12, Niacin, Folic Acid, Linoleic Acid & Biotin. Minerals, Calcium, Phosphorus, Magnesium, Zinc, Manganese, & Potassium.

Marmoset/Tamarin Diet (Callitrichid)

Marmoset Callitrichid Diet: Mix by weight 60% water to 40% diet. Can be stored for 24 hr. after mixed.
Natural Single Grain Cereal 

Add 2 t of dry cereal to Powdered Diet for extra vitamins and nutrients for your baby's growth and development. Can be stored for 24 hr. after mixed.

Nutri-Stat 4.25 oz       

High calorie palatable food supplement with Omega Acids 
for improved nutrition. Also stimulates appetite.
BEST full spectrum UVA/UVB Mercury Vapor Bulb Lamp and heat lamp in one on the market. Bulb lasts 3 times longer then other bulbs, lasts over a year.
FULL spectrum light with carefully tuned peaks to ensure appetite, activity, calcium absorption and above all to prevent (MBD) metabolic bone disease. 
- Optimal levels of UVB, UVA, visual light and heat in one bulb
- Self-ballasted mercury vapour bulb
- Provides the benefits of natural sunlight      
Infant Hand Feeding Kit with Nipples              
Includes : 3 - 3 ml sterile feeding syringes 
                3 - 12 ml sterile feeding syringes
                2 tip covers (sanitary caps)
                4 silicone nipples

High quality Silicone Nipples (do not become sticky) and Sterile Feeding Syringes with plunger seal is safe and easy to use for feeding formula to your baby.  
Bottle Nursing Kit 

With 5 nipples & bottle cleaning brush.
Belly chain great to keep your baby safe and close                                                  to you on outings or when visiting.      

Comfy Nap Sack. Unique 2-in-1 cage accessory is a comfy hammock and a cozy sleep sack. Your baby can lazily lounge on the hammock for a quick snooze. He can also nestle inside the warm faux lambswool lined hide-away center to satisfy burrowing instincts. Nap Sacks feature a side entrance to the hide-away center, adjustable nylon straps and included attachment clips. To hang, simply attach the four included clips to wire cage. Assorted colors.        
Can be purchased at your local Pharmacy/Health store.
Cage Home                                                          
Folds down easily, with carry handle - take it anywhere! Handy top door allows for easy access
Rounded Edges Size: 36" Long x 25" Wide x 28" High. Mesh: 1-1/2" x 4-7/8" inch
Material: Powder Coat Low Carbon Steel Wire, Strong and Long lasting
Durable Electro-Coat Finish Double Bolt Latches for each door- Keep baby safe
Color: Black
Tough Metal Pan: Deluxe and Easy to clean!                                              

It is very important to leave your baby on the surrogate item it came with from the breeder. This item has the parents scent on it and helps your baby feel secure while adjusting to his new environment. You may introduce a new stuffy slowly after a few weeks.
Can be purchased at your local grocery or health food store.
Coconut Bath Wash           
Strawberry Bath Wash
70 pack moist soft wipes. Hypoallergenic, scent free, 

                    1/2 LB. CALLITRICHID DIET
                    1/2 LB. NATURAL GRAIN CEREAL
                    HAND FEEDING KIT WITH NIPPLES           
                    MERCURY VAPOR LAMP & FIXTURE
                    BELLY CHAIN
                    COMFY SACK WITH POCKET
                    BATH WASH 12 OZ.
                    70 COUNT CLEAN WIPES
                    6 MONKEY CRUNCH BISCUITS
                    DUAL END BRUSH
                    TWIST AND GO CARRIER
                    2 PLASTIC FOOD BOWLS
               ***STARTER CAGE HOME - Rounded Edges Size: 36" Long x 25" Wide x 28"

CONGRATULATIONS, you bought a baby marmoset or tamarin. 
It has always been your dream!  
There is nothing more precious than a baby monkey. They appeal to us on so many levels. 
So much like us that we can't help but find them captivating. 
So WELCOME to a world of fun, excitement, love and…….BIG responsibility. 
I know it’s been a long wait.  

So where to begin??    
You begin by educating yourself on the special needs of keeping a baby monkey healthy and happy,    as well as physically and emotionally fulfilled.

Monkeys are very expensive animals. Buying your monkey is just the beginning.  

You need to provide heat, humidity and special lighting. The infants diet consists of a special infant formula, mixed with cereal, callitrichid diet, and yogurt. As your baby grows his diet should grow also. You will need to offer fresh fruits and vegetables, cereal, eggs, chicken, nuts, crickets, mealworms, etc... 
Keeping your baby on a proper diet with the proper lighting to metabolize that diet will keep you from having to visit your vet often and even possibly losing your little one.

I have put together a starter list of the items I find most important to get you and your special little one off to a great start.

​First, what to feed?
            INFANT FORMULA (This formula is different from regular infant formula. Our baby formula is iron fortified to meet the needs of our human children. Marmosets & Tamarins do NOT benefit from iron and babies can develop hemochromatosis (iron overload, liver failure).
           CALLITRICHID DIET (This diet is made specifically for callitrichids. They have a need for higher calcium D3, and vitamin C levels then other primates)
           NATURAL GRAIN CEREAL (helps with transition to solid foods)
           HAND FEEDING KIT WITH NIPPLES (Same great easy to measure syringes with soft silicone nipples instead of the hard plastic tips)  
          TUBE OF NUTRI-GEL ( High calorie nutritious food supplement that helps stimulate appetite)
          MERCURY VAPOR LAMP & FIXTURE (Marmosets and Tamarins CAN NOT metabolize calcium D3 and need the special lighting to grow or they will not survive. This special light has full spectrum UVA/UVB with carefully tuned peaks to ensure appetite, activity, calcium absorption and above all to prevent (MBD) metabolic bone disease. And provides the benefits of natural sunlight.)
          BELLY CHAIN (Belly chain is important an important learning tool for your baby and will keep him safe and close to you on outings or when visiting)   
         COMFY SACK WITH POCKET (comfy hammock and a cozy sleep sack in one. Baby will nestle inside the warm faux lambswool and feel secure when he cannot be on you)
         BATH WASH (Hypoallergenic & Tearless, it is important to start bathing your little one, so he will be comfortable in water and clean & fresh smelling)
         CLEAN WIPES (To keep your baby’s bottom clean and prevent diaper rash between diaper changes)
"You become responsible forever, for that which you have tamed."
Antione de St. Exupery
Fuzz E Bed                             
Oversized Fuzzy Bed
Size: 5 X 7 Assorted prints.                  
6 feeding syringes - 3)3cc/ml & 3)12cc/ml
                                   4)nipples & 2) end caps